About Masters Machine Company

Masters Machine Company specializes in precision components for the aerospace, automotive, commercial and electronic industries. For nearly 60 years, Masters has been setting the standard high in the machining industry.

About Masters Machine Company

Located in a small fishing village in mid-coast Maine, we manufacture and ship machined components throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and overseas. 

Our precision screw machines and computerized lathes and mills are continually being enhanced using new technology.  By upgrading and applying new methodologies, we can produce parts to your exact specifications.

Masters Machine Company means quality, consistency, and competitive prices.   We have an excellent history of satisfying the needs of our customers.

Let us be your first choice for customized parts. Send us your drawings and specifications and we will provide you with a cost effective quote.



Masters Machine Company’s mission is to supply the global market with precision machined components of superior quality, delivered on time and at a competitive price.

We will accomplish this by pursuing excellence in our processes and systems through our talented workforce, technological innovation and a philosophy of continual improvement.

Masters Machine is committed to contributing to the quality of life of the Company’s most valuable resource, its employees, through appropriate training, promoting wellness and supporting the well-being of our local communities.

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